Why Las Vegas is a big attraction?

As the airplane left Las Vegas, I was overlooking the city in the middle of nowhere and could not help thinking why Las Vegas is such a big attraction to Chinese, Japanese, Indian, European and even American. Gamble, shopping, show and food are the top reasons why.
The human desire to win money and the addiction to keep winning more make this gamble city truly a sinful city. I heard people told me that Chinese officials visiting Las Vegas their tour packages include thousands of dollars of gambling money. The government pays for it, so why not? For me, every time I go to a casino, I set a limit for myself normally is less than $20. If I lose it, then I quit. If I win any money, I quit also. I am not a lucky person so I know better.
Adult show, theatre show, talent show, comedy show, celebrity show and concert are really fun to see in Las Vegas. No wonder if you have been to Las Vegas and you haven’t seen any of them, you miss a lot of the fun. Make sure you check out lasvegasshows.com before you go.
Food used to be my favorite thing. It was cheap. However it has changed over the years. This time, I stayed at Planet Hollywood. It claimed to have Las Vegas’ #1 buffet and the dinner costs $28.99. Who can eat that much of food? It is overrated and expensive. I do like the hotel though. It was a nice remake of Aladdin. My room was a suite themed with Tom Cruise’s movie “The Firm”. It has several pictures from the movie and even displays a jacket that Tom wore in the movie. Movie fans and Hollywood dreamers, even though it is not the real Hollywood in LA, you can definitely feel the atmosphere of Hollywood excitement.
The Miracle Mile Shops is the shopping complex connecting to Planet Hollywood. Here you can find high-end shops with name brand merchants. Why go all over the world to find what you want, you can shop everything at Miracle Mile Shops. I know Japanese and Chinese have deep pockets and they love name brands. Their society is so emphasizing on “face”, it is a status symbol to own name brand.
My client told me that Las Vegas used to be $100 vacation destination for Americans, but I told him that it is no long true. For a 3-night vacation to Las Vegas from Minneapolis, the best package will cost about $300 per person. Good luck to you and have fun in Las Vegas!

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